Are you there when it happens? That’s an important question when it comes to Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. Things can go real fast, real sudden, just like in December 2017. Much faster, even. Whatever happens, LiteBit will be there. And for those in the Netherlands and Europe who want to be there, too, we make things as easy as possible, by offering every crypto currency that matters, with a quick, safe and intuitive trading platform and personal support.


LiteBit started out in 2013. With two entrepreneurs of 17 and 24 who thought: ‘We need to be in on this.’ Today, we’re a leading broker in over 40 crypto currencies, with over 600,000 customers all over Europe and a team of 50 professionals. The energy is the same: getting things done and performing as a team and as a professional. All of this from no-nonsense Rotterdam, with a fantastic view of the Central Station.

The next step

Now, it’s time for the next step, as the position of market leader is up for grabs. We’ve got the funding, the tools and the drive to become the best in all of Europe. Crypto currencies and blockchain are going to change the (financial) world. You can be part of that, join in the pioneering. As a developer, security officer, system manager, tester or customer support employee. Because we’re looking for all of those. And we’ll give you the room to put your own twist on the future of LiteBit. So grow with us, as our colleague. Are you in?